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Rolisteam is being made by contributors. The goals are to offer free (as freedom) solution to help role playing gamers. Rolisteam can also be a really good project to improve your skill and learn new stuff (c++ programming, translating software, packaging..)

Rolisteam contrubors are welcomed to pursuit these goals. You may take part in different level to well-fit your goals and skills.


Rolisteam is an open source project licenced under the GNU GPL. All code is written in C++
and it is based on Qt framework.

If you want to take part in rolisteam development, clone rolisteam source code at:


The documentation can be improved in different ways. You may contribute to it directly.


You are also invited to write tutorials and articles on Rolisteam in your blog or web site. Don’t hesitate to come to us, we will be glad to share your article with the rest of Rolisteam Community.


A huge effort has been made on Rolisteam to offer translation of the software. The main way to take part of the translation is to create an account at and ask to be member of rolisteam project.


Don’t forget that it is important for the project to translate the documentation too.


You can help us here. Thank of that support, we will be able to get more translation and many other things.

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