Rolisteam 1.6.1 is Out!


Rolisteam 1.6.1 is Out!

The new version adds some great features and fixes lot of bugs. It is also a way to prepare for future evolutions.

Let's see what is new in 1.6.1:

-The Iternationalization (i18n)
-Settings & preferences management
-Open Document based notes Editor.
-Bugs Fixings
-Code has been clean up
-More details on the download page

Rolisteam 1.5.2 on Windows

Hi everyone!

I just have to say that we release a new windows installer for Rolisteam 1.5.2. The previous one was bad. To correct its problems a new installer was necessary.
Don't forget to update your version. We look forward to have some feedbacks about new features introduced in the 1.5.x version. We plan to make some releases to fix remaining issues.
You can get the new installer at : Rolisteam-1.5.2-setupV2.exe


Leave The Internet Alone!

This is just a message to announce that rolisteam server is hosting a wikileak mirror and is now reachable on the new domain name www.rolisteam.42.
Rolisteam needs the Internet to provides most of its features so, we are thinking it is the right choice to try to protect it from attacks.
Enjoy this space of freedom!



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